The departure of my tenant

Your contractual relationship with your tenant is coming to an end and soon he/she will go away. We guide you below for the next steps.

  1. Exit inspection and inventory :
    • Set a date and time convenient to both parties.
    • Check the cleanliness of the housing.
    • Go through the accommodation with the tenant to identify any defects and to compare the entry inspection signed on arrival of the tenant.
    • Check the inventory. This document must be signed and dated by both parties in duplicate.
  2. Free/return the rental guarantee.
  3. Make complete and sign the commune departure form (form available from the housing commune in question).
  4. Remind the tenant to make all the necessary address changes.
  5. Take the new contact details of the tenant if needed (for mail forwarding, etc.).

If you want to offer your accommodation again, do not hesitate to publish an ad in our portal. More information on the page of rental of my housing.