Rooms – external websites

These websites are independent of EPFL.

Ads that are published on these websites are the sole responsibility of their authors. EPFL accepts no liability for these offers.

Beware of deals that seem too nice to be true. If possible, visit the accommodation before booking or proceed to a down payment. More information about scam attempts.

An average commuting time of 30 min from your housing to EPFL corresponds to the current situation in the area

You can calculate your commuting time accurately via the CFF website

Do not be too restrictive in your search criteria.

As soon as you visit a place that suits you, tell the landlord you’re interested as soon as possible.

Sign a lease/sub-lease contract for the room with your landlord. If he/she doesn’t have any, we have some lease examples available on our website. These templates are only given as examples and have no legal value. They can be adapted to each person’s needs.

It is recommended to contract a household insurance and a third party liability insurance. These insurances cover some damages.

These websites are independent from EPFL and offer deals for flatshares or rooms with private landlords. These ads come mainly from private landlords.


Links to external sites are provided to facilitate your search. We cannot and do not provide any guarantee with regard to the accuracy or the maintenance of the content of these sites. Furthermore, we recommend you take caution because unfortunately even on the most reliable sites there can be some dishonest users. The Accommodation Office can advise you in case of doubt. Nevertheless, we decline any responsibility for any financial loss or other consequences linked to your use of these sites.

Contact the publishers who offer the rooms which you are interested in. If the ad mentions a phone number and an email address, it is better to call as contact can be made more quickly. You can also suggest Skype meetings if you cannot travel here.

If you can, go and visit the room. The best case would be to have organized several visitation appointments before your arrival in Lausanne.

Sign a lease contract with the landlord. If he/she doesn’t have any to offer, we do have some lease examples on our website (under the “Signature of a lease contract” field). These examples are for convenience only and have no legal value. They can be adapted to your own situation.

It is highly recommended to contract specific insurances related to housing (third party and household). These insurances cover some damages related to housing (for example those related to an overflowing bath or a crack in the sink).