FAQ I provide housing

You just need to create an account with the UNIL-EPFL housing portal.

This allows you to add, modify or delete listings whenever you wish.

Your listing will then be visible to all EPFL and UNIL students.

If you want to change, re-publish, extend or delete your housing ad, you just need to login to your account (on the left under “login”) with your e-mail address and your password, click in the upper right corner on “My Immobox.” You can then publish a new ad or manage existing listings.

When you withdraw your ad from the UNIL-EPFL portal, you receive an automatic email confirming publication end.

If you still receive requests regarding your offer, here are the 2 possible reasons as to why:

  • The students have printed your ad and contact you a few days later without realizing it is no longer available.
  • From June to September, students without direct access to the housing portal can check the ads in a .pdf file. This file is updated on a daily basis before 12am. If your ad has been withdrawn after 12am during, people having checked the morning list will not know that your ad is no longer available.

You will find on our website some examples of lease contracts which will give you a solid base on what to mention or not.

If the early termination notice time is not specified, this one will legally be of 30 days. The tenant will be responsible to find a new solvent tenant who would agree to take over the lease at the same conditions.

In order to avoid any litigation, it is highly recommended to mention the wished notice time as well as the obligation, or not, for the tenant to find a new tenant in case of an early termination of the lease.