Repair procedure

Before bringing a broken computer to the service desk, it must have been checked by the unit’s proximity support to confirm that:

  • The problem is indeed hardware
  • A backup has been made
  • A loan machine is made available to the user (provided by the local support of the unit)

The repair time can range from 3 days to 3 weeks (or more) depending on the availability of parts from suppliers. Some repairs can be outsourced to one of our partners.

Once local support for the unit has determined that the problem is indeed hardware the procedure is as follows:

  • Open a repair request via this web page Link to repair request
  • Wait for confirmation (e-mail) of support by the CRI
  • Bring the device to be repaired to the service desk
  • If there are costs, return the completed and signed estimate to the CRI (by e-mail)
  • Wait for repair completed confirmation (e-mail)
  • Pick up the device at the service desk

For a matter of logistics, the broken device remains at the CRI throughout the procedure of repair. The CRI does not, temporarily, return the machines while waiting for the delivery of the parts