EPFL Innovation Park (EIP)


For connecting a computer or other device to the network of the EPFL, you need at least:

  • An IP address
  • An IP name (example, xxx.epfl.ch)
  • Commissioning of a plug (if no plug is in use in the local or any other solution for sharing, for example, a micro-hub, exists).

A fixed annual rental is required during the commissioning of a plug or connection of a computer or other equipment.

Any request for a network service for the Innovation Park must be done through :

[email protected]

Domain epfl.ch

The Infrastructures SI unit (ITOP-INFR) is competent to verify the naming rules under the terms of Article 6 para. 6 and to implement the domain names under the terms of Article 5 para. 2 of LEX 6.2.1.

Each connected device have at least a name and an IP address. It may be useful in some cases, to have other names IP (Alias​​). Some rules are established for naming.

  • Refer to the LEX 6.2.1.
  • Then make a request to SI-EXINFR to enter the name or the alias.

Other domain names (.ch .com .org .net …)

Refer to the LEX 6.2.1.