EPFL Innovation Park (EIP)


For connecting a computer or other device to the network of the EPFL, you need at least:

  • An IP address
  • An IP name (example, xxx.epfl.ch)
  • Commissioning of a plug (if no plug is in use in the local or any other solution for sharing, for example, a micro-hub, exists).

A fixed annual rental is required during the commissioning of a plug or connection of a computer or other equipment.

Any request for a network service for the Innovation Park must be done through :

[email protected]

IP address 128.179.x.y (x = network, y = your network address)
Subnet mask
Default Gateway 128.179.x.1 (x = network)
Primary DNS server

Secondary DNS server

Server SMTP outgoing psemail.epfl.ch

All computers with internet access are protected by default with the firewall DIODE.

If a machine has to be reach from outside the EPFL, the request to open access for this machine must be made through the form opening DIODE.

For more information, please refer to the official page of DIODE at EPFL.

Contact: Please send your requests and questions at EPNET-EIP.

This form can only be accessible from the network in which the machine is located in and have the adequate domain name if different from epfl.ch (this is also valid for a renewal).

Domain epfl.ch

Management of domain names for EPNET network is entrusted exclusively to the SI-EXINFR.

Each connected device have at least a name and an IP address. It may be useful in some cases, to have other names IP (Alias​​). Some rules are established for naming.

Other domain names (.ch .com .org .net …)

Refer to the SI directive.