Before you lose your password…

Forgotten password

It is possible to provide Gaspar with a backup email address (different from your EPFL email address) in case of loss of your password password.

This address will only be used at your request to send you an email with a backup key. If you do not implement this procedure, you can contact your Gaspar administrator who will help you by replacing your lost password with a temporary one.

Preventive action

In the My Password menu, click on Recover lost password by email.

You will be taken care of by an assistant who will ask you successively to:

  1. Define a question/answer that only you know
  2. Enter a private email address, different from your EPFL email address
  3. Check your email address by asking to re-enter it a second time

Then a confirmation email will be sent to your private address inviting you to click on a confirmation link. This way we will have proof that you are the owner of this email account.

And if you lose your password…

Then go to the Gaspar cover page, and just under the login button you will find a lost password link, just click on it and follow the instructions. You will be asked for your username, then an email will be sent to your private address. You will still have to answer the question you know the answer to and finally you will receive an emergency key to connect to your Gaspar account.