In order to print a file with your smartphone, you should not need the documentation of this page : instructions in the smartphone manual explains how to send a file to the printing pool, then you will have to release the printing job by connecting yourself to one of the printers of the pool.

Before printing a file from your personal computer, it is necessary to install the printing pools, which permits you to use the 200 Canon multifunction printers dispersed throughout the campus. If needed, you can also use the installation tutorial in order to install an off-pool printer or a plotter.

Another solution is to go to this web page: and swipe a or many PDF or JPG document in this page

The printing process is generally activated by the use of a command offered by the application and named : File -> Print. The user is then asked to choose a printer. Only the installed printers are displayed in the list of available printers.

Usually, the user uses the main printing pool and chooses the SecurePrint-Color or SecurePrint-BW queues, respectively for Color or Black/White printing.

Users may also choose an off-pool printer or a plotter, provided that the device is installed on their computer.

Printer pools (or printer clouds) require a physical job release. This means that once you have sent data to the pool, it is mandatory to authenticate on a printer to release the printing job, and thus print physically your document.

Pools are made of Canon multifunction printers (Color and Black/White) for students and coworkers.

Useful notice : one job can be released on both printers type, no matter on which queue it has been launched ! Only the case ‘color pool, color printer’ allows to print a color document.

Once you send your file to the printing pool, it will stay 24 hours in the print queue. After that, it will be deleted (but not billed).

If you are looking for documentation about the functionalities of the pool printers, see the ‘Canon printers‘ page.

Printing queues for mono-function printers are set by default to print immediately, meaning that the job is directly released. You can cancel a printing job only from the computer queue. Once the file passed trough the servers and arrived to the printer, it is automatically counted.

To avoid paying the Color rate while you wanted to print in black and white, you can :

  • Run the job from the SecurePrint-BW queue. This insures that it will be printed in black and white, even if released on a color printer.
  • Run the job via any of both queues, but releasing it on a black and white printer. Since black and white printers do not have colored ink, your document will not be billed at the color rate.

For color printing, the following must be respected:

  • The original document must be in color
  • You mustn’t select “Black and White” or “Shades of grey” while sending the file on the queue.
  • You have to send the file on the SecurePrint-Color queue.
  • You have to release the job on a color printer.