Laptop offers

The Poseidon comittee negotiate offers that allow you to buy professional laptops from partners at attractive prices.

Links to vendors

ART Computer

A shop dedicated to Apple products

Darest Shop

A shop dedicated to HP and Lenovo products. Credit card accepted.

Doors Computer

A shop dedicated to HP and Lenovo products

Poseidon computers and accessories can be ordered from the following online shops. Orders are delivered to your address and only in Switzerland . You will also find the respective shipping information on each site.

0% Loan for EPFL

The Students Foundation of EPFL, in collaboration with Credit Suisse, allows all bachelor and master students to benefit from an interest-free loan to buy a Poseidon laptop.

Conditions, necessary steps and forms can be found here.

Who can benefit

Any student or faculty member who has a valid e-mail address from one of the participating schools .

Purchase conditions

  • Purchases are private . The buyer is responsible for the payment and the laptop must be for the person making the order.
  • Laboratories and institutions are not allowed to acquire or assign computers from these offers to their students or staff.
  • Each person is allowed a maximum of two laptop purchases per year, regardless of brands.
  • By purchasing a laptop through our partners, you accept that your email address and purchase information be communicated to the Poseidon staff. Those data are kept on an EPFL server and can only be accessed by the Poseidon committee members and our partners.
  • You must agree to the terms and conditions of purchase from the vendor you have chosen.

Choosing your laptop

If you would like to evaluate their size and weight, the laptops present on the PDF catalogue can be found at our helpdesk , in MA A0 364.

Certain faculties or schools maintain recommendations for choosing a laptop. You’ll find them on the following pages:

Environnement Naturel, Architectural et Construit (ENAC)

  • Architecture: (en cours)
  • Génie Civil: Lien
  • Sciences et ingénierie de l’environnement: Lien

Informatique et Communications (IC)

  • Informatique: Lien
  • Système de communication: Lien

Sciences de Base (SB)

  • Chimie: (en cours)
  • Mathématique: (en cours)
  • Physique: (en cours)

Sciences et Technique de l’Ingénieur (STI)

  • (en cours)

Science de la Vie (SV)

Ingénierie des sciences du vivant: Lien



For professors or teaching staff

Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can adapt our advice for students based on your recommendations. We can easily conduct tests and benchmarks with the laptops available at our helpdesk.

Participating schools

Authorized domains list for purchases:





UNI Tessin


Multi Canton


Vaud ***

* prerequist is that your school has signed the Poseidon charter. If you aren’t sure about that please contact Poseidon Administration to [email protected]

For a school to become a member

For a school to become a member, read this.