Room Reservations with Exchange

Meeting rooms

Some rooms are registered in the Exchange system for booking.

The reservation principle for rooms il the same as for a meeting request through Exchange. From you calendar program or the webmail, you need to request a meeting, add a room and, optionally, participants. If you have the rights and if the room is available, a confirmation email will be sent to you.

Similarly, to modify or delete a reservation, you must go to your own calendar and modify or delete the apppointment, and notify tne participants whom you sent the meeting request to (for the room).

Adding rooms in Exchange

If you want to add new rooms, check no other system manages these rooms. Make a request to the Service Desk ([email protected]), indicating the name of the room (which must correspond to that indicated by and the units and/or groups (of the application that will be authorized to make reservations on this room.

Reservation tools
With Outlook 2016/2019
With Outlook for MAC 2016/2019
From the webmail
From iCal
From an iPhone
From iPad