Account balance

Warning : in order to visualize your account, you have to :

*Authentication required


You will see a screen of this kind : then click on “login”

uniflow login

Then type:

  • your GASPAR username,
  • your AD password, the one you use for your EPFL e-mail (usually the same as GASPAR password)
uniflow authentification

A “dasboard” will appear :

uniflow dashboard

uniflow budget

uniflow day statistics

uniflow detailed stats

Note that product names can make the difference between

  • copies and print jobs: Copie / Impr.
  • format: A4 / A3
  • color  : Couleur / –
  • discount for a print job (or copy) in recto verso (duplex)  which apparears in a differnet line with a negative amount

You can also export your data into a file in .csv format

see also the page about “cost centers selection

uniflow detailed stats

uniflow stats per printer

job release