Person’s arrival and departure


Usually on your first day at EPFL, your unit accreditor already created a Gaspar account and an email address.

If this is not the case, please contact your accreditor or the Service Desk (phone: 1234 or mail: [email protected]).



  • For EPFL graduates – BSc, MS, PhD, EMBA and IML – who leave EPFL after completing their studies, an automatic email will be sent in response to messages received at their EPFL email adress for one year. This automatic reply will contain the graduates’ new alumni email address as their contact email. This will allow, for example, an outside rechercher who has read an EPFL PhD graduate’s publication to contact that person.
  • Former PhD students who are no longer registered at EPFL will maintain email and VPN access for six months. This will give them the time they need to tie up loose ends after completing their research work and publications.
  • Other former students who are no longer registered at EPFL will maintain email and VPN access for one month.


Employees who leave EPFL will lose access to their mailbox as soon as their contract ends. However, using this form, they will be able to provide a contact email address which will be included in the automatic reply sent out for one year after they leave EPFL.

Illustration: Leave Process

Plase note

  • Because extending someone’s contract will also extend their access to the email system, unit heads must first assess all related risks. They may be called upon to justify their decision in the event of criminal or other complaints. We encourage you to consult EPFL’s legal departement to ensure you are in compliance with the school’s regulations.
  • If you are newly reacredited, and if you have an ActiveDirectory account, you are allowed to request a new personal email address.
    In this case, the request needs to be sent to our ServiceDesk, through a service request ticket (phone number: 1234, mail: [email protected])