Business Space

EPFL Innovation Park (EIP)

Infrastructure and terms of use

Terms and Rates available

The building is equipped with a universal wiring, connected to the EPFL network (access to certain servers and services is paid or reserved for EPFL members only). Each rental unit includes 2 to 4 connectors RJ-45 (100Mb/s).

Additional plugs can be installed upon request ( see the section Ordering a connection).

TCP/IP is the standard protocol for all platforms supported by the EPFL SI-EXINFR.

Other protocols can be used by businesses of the EIP, within is own LAN, as for as the EPFL network is not disturbed.

The tenant of the EIP can benefits from services of the EPFL network. The connection is performed by the SI.

Maintenance of the network is provided by the SI. The responsibility of the tenant is engaged from the plug in the rental unit.

Any SI intervention beyond this limit will not be included in the package and will be charged at the going rate of technical staff.

See Terms and rates available – Chapter 4: Support et troubleshooting.

To ensure network security, a company connected to the network of EIP should not be connected to another external network.

Exceptionally, an exemption may be granted upon request to the SI.

An infected (or misconfigured) computer may end up (quarantined or cut its access to the network) without notice.

The main goal of SWITCH foundation is to encourage and intensify cooperation in the fields of teaching and research, both nationally and internationally. To achive it, the SWITCHlan network was created.

SWITCHlan is the network infrastructure of the Swiss university and interconnects the local networks of universities and polytechnics. It also provides users with access to the Internet and uses the TCP/IP protocol.

All computers with internet access are protected by the firewall DIODE.

Paying services by SWITCH are not all available to the EPFL and the EIP.

To be connected to SWITCH, a company must have established a research collaboration agreement with the EPFL or other Swiss academic institution.