Jabber Softphone

The Cisco Jabber softphone is a Unified Communication software available for all EPFL employees. It offers presence, instant messaging, voice and video communication, voicemail, screen sharing and conference services…

EPFL call World

There are two protocols that can be used to communicate with persons outside EPFL with Jabber:

  • SIP

Type the URI of your contact in the Search / Call field.

Ex: [email protected]. Don’t hesitate to contact the above URI to make a test.

  • H.323

Type the IP address of your contact, plus “@h.h

Ex: [email protected]


To join a system connected to a Gatekeeper ([email protected] or, dial the number + a dot “.” + IP address + “@h.h

Ex: [email protected]

World call EPFL

To be contacted by an external contact, his/her equipment must be able to communicate with any of these protocols SIP or H.323.

  • H.323

    Communicate the IP address server and your internal number to your external contacts :

      • IP of server + your internal number. Ex:
      • Your internal numbe + IP of server. Ex: 30195@

    Your external contact, choose one of the two syntaxes above as the ability to compose @ or # on their videoconferencing equipment


You can contact either a colleague on his internal nzumber, either a videoconference room.

To contact the videoconferencing system of a given room, type:

You can find this information on the standby screen of each videoconferencing equipment.