Regulations applicable to temporary non-academic staff / internships

Human Resources has defined the regulations (pdf) applicable to the five categories of temporary non-academic personnel, also known as professional internships:

  1. Observation/Orientation internships prior to graduation
  2. Internships prior to graduate studies;
  3. Internships during graduate studies;
  4. Summer internships
  5. Internships after graduate studies.


An internship is a temporary placement in a professional environment during which the person is in a learning situation and thus acquires professional skills before, during or after his/her studies. It is not a question of performing a regular task corresponding to a permanent job.

The non-academic internship is in principle carried out in operational units such as central services, centers, platforms and does not concern EPFL’s academic programs.

Please refer to the Regulations for temporary academic staff to hire bachelor/master students in the laboratories.

You will find below some practical elements regarding the hiring of temporary non-academic staff. Nevertheless, it is imperative to refer to the regulations for any additional information.

Practical information :

  • All internships must be accompanied by a proposal for the hiring of temporary staff.
  • Hiring begins on the 1st or 15th of the month.
  • The complete file must reach Human Resources at least one month before the beginning of the internship. Incomplete applications will be returned to the unit and the start date may be extended to the next deadline.
  • Please refer to the SF Knowledge Article on funds to be used for charging temporary staff compensation