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  • For connections with private IP address, it’s possible to set up an address translation to give internet access.
  • The public IP addresses allocated for the translation are shared and therefore likely to change with each connection.
  • The businesses can’t use them to provide visible services from the internet.
  • When using the NAT option, the assignment of private IP addresses is the EPFL responsibility.

  • Each connection can be protected by a firewall.
  • The rules have to be defined when we set up the connection. it’s only possible to open or close the TCP/IP connection ports for public IP addresses.
  • Any subsequent changes are billed according to the terms of the contract.

  • This option is included in the connection fees of private ports.
  • The allocation is made via a private IP address range defined and managed by the EPFL.

  • Each public IP address has a name automatically generated in the epfl.ch domain
  • It’s possible to add aliases, an option that is charged CHF 50.- for the set up and CHF 20.- per year.
  • It’s also possible for a businesses to choose an external domain, in which case all management is done by the external service provider.

Examples of implementation

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