The VPSI provides an email service for EPFL employees and students.

Upon joining EPFL, persons with a Sciper number and a “Personal”, “Student” or “Host” status can request a mailbox from their IT manager.

To have a mailbox, you must have an active AD account. People with Guest status are not allowed to have a mailbox.

The username and password to access your EPFL email are your Gaspar username and password, those given to you when you enter EPFL.
For more information on usernames and passwords, please refer to the “Account & Access” menu of our support portal.

Your email address will typically be This address is listed in the various directories of the School (for instance, Web search engine directory).

It is only possible to have one personal mailbox per individual. You cannot ask for a second personnal account, even if you want to use a different mail address. If necessary, you can request a service address.