Trading IT Equipment

Material put in a stock exchange by the CRI

PLEASE NOTE: The CRI does not handle unit-to-unit exchanges. This concerns the return to service of equipment that has been returned to the CRI. For unit-to-unit exchanges, you must go through SESAME – Inventory.

The CRI retrieves computer equipment from various institutes. Equipment that is younger than 5 years old are put back into service at EPFL for economical and ecological reasons.

  •  In order to do so, look up the database.
  •  For any further information, feel free to contact the service desk contact : [email protected]
  •  Equipment to be traded is available on the web page below. Please follow the instructions on the website provided with your EPFL’s email address and your sciper number.
  •  The material will be reallocated in the inventory. You will have to provide the local’s number, financial fund number, and IT manager’s camipro number.
  •  The equipment is then put back into service for free and against good care

Material Exchange page (website only accessible with EPFL IP address or VPN)

Important: Only the faculty’s IT manager is held responsible for any equipment orders.