FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

My print account

How do I know if I have any money left?

Go to your account status on the page: https://printepfl.epfl.ch/pwclient Click on ‘login’ and fill in the fields with your username Gaspar and your password

I put money on my Camipro card but I still can not print

Your CAMIPRO card carries two purses:

  • personal purse (= CAMIPRO account),used for payments in cafeterias, shops, vending machines. You can load this purse at CAMIPRO chargers or by e-banking
  • print purse (=myPrint account), used exclusively for myPrint. Each student gets a certain amount of money (=print allocation) at the beginning of the semester. Once this initial allocation is finished, you can recharge your myPrint purse by transferring money from your CAMIPRO purse, with a web interface.

It’s possible that your Camipro account is full but myPrint account is empty …You can reload your myPrint account (when you have consumed your initial allocation) via the money transfer the web interface  from your Camipro account to your myprint account.

How to put money on my account myPrint ?

You can reload your myPrint account (when you’ve consumed your initial allocation) via the web-based money transfer interface from your Camipro account to your myprint account.

May I transfer money from my print account to a friend’s account?

No, it is not possible to transfer printing points from one account to another.

I leave EPFL; may I get money from the impression account?

At the end of the activity at EPFL, the unused credits can be returned up to the amount recharged by the user during the academic semester. To recover the balance of their account, students can send email to myPrint. They will then receive a confirmation by email and their myPrint balance will be transferred to their Camipro account. They can then recover the balance in full, either through the Agépoly, or by transfer to a bank account in case the amount is greater than CHF 20.-

NB: For those who can not write email from an internet link, here is the data that we would get:

  • Name:
  • First Name:
  • Sciper number:
  • EPFL email address:
  • Username:

I am no longer a student (e) at EPFL and desired to recover the balance of my account myPrint. I agree that my account be closed from that day


When I print a job more expensive than the balance of my account, does a partial impression take place?

No, if the price of the job is greater than the amount left on the print account, it is not printed and an email explaining it is sent to the user.

If I did not use all of my allowance, can I use it the following semester?

Yes, the print account balance is automatically carried forward from one semester to the next.

How can I be negative in my account, as a student?

When you log in to an MFP and you’re positive on your myPrint account, you may still be able to copy and drop below the zero mark. If you have changed from collaborator status to student status, your myPrint account is likely to be under zero. In this case, please contact the service desk ([email protected]) to regularize your situation.

Who can I complain to?

Send an mail to [email protected] Attention: the biannual allocation (amount offered by the School) is, among others, intended to compensate for printing errors. It is therefore not useful to address a claim for an amount less than CHF 10.- Nevertheless, if you consider that the accounting is obviously wrong, do not hesitate to warn us.
The campus

Where can I find other multifunction printers on campus?

For the moment, there are 210 printers available to all staff and students ; vous pouvez les voir sur le plan de l’EPFL

Where is the Poseidon helpdesk ?

Poséidon helpdesk is est represented at:

  • RLC buildind : RLC C1 440 : Monday to Friday: 10am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday: closed
  • MA buildind : MA A0 388 : Monday to Friday: 8am to 8pm Saturday and Sunday: closed

Where is VPSI ServiceDesk

Service Desk Allée Piccard 3, MA A0 388 tel: 1234 (from outside +41 (0)21 693 1234) fax: +41 (0) 21 693 2220 e-mail: [email protected] web: 1234.epfl.ch

  • Service Desk : Monday to Friday: 8am to 6pm
  • Call Center: Monday to Friday: 7:30am to 6pm

To report a printer failure

Where is AGEPoly desk

AGEPoly – EPFL Esplanade 13 : MEC1398 Mail : [email protected]
Prints – preamble

There is no printer installed on my computer, where do I start?

The first step is to find a printer on which you want to print. Open your eyes or search for it on the search page. Then, it is necessary to install the print pools; to do this, several installation procedures are described, in relation to the operating system used by your computer. If you do not have administrator rights to the computer you are working on, please contact your IT manager or the manager of the printer room.

What should I check before trying to install a printer on my laptop?

First of all, it is necessary to check if you are connected to the school network; you can be:

  • with a network cable and a valid IP address (or in DHCP)
  • in Wi-Fi (wireless network), using the “epfl-public” network (or another Wi-Fi network) and VPN <<<< see how to install the VPN, connection tunnel HERE >>>>> >
  • in Wi-Fi (wireless network), using the network “epfl” or “eduroam” and a WPA authentication
SecurePrint pools installation

On my Windows personal computer

See the link Installing a printer on Windows

On my Mac personal computer

See the link Installing a printer on Mac OS X. The automatic script is by far the simplest solution because it installs the drivers itself. Other Mac OS-compatible tutorials are available from the installation page.

On my Linux personal computer

You can install the printers with command lines or install them using the CUPS interface. Depending on your OS, you can also go through the GUI. In any case, you will also need to install drivers for SecurePrint pools. On my computer being “off EPFL”

On my SmartPhone

see the page: Installation manual for smartphones

On a school computer

Get information from the room manager (students) or your IT manager (staff members)

Avoid having to re-install the print queue each time you restart the computer

The simplest (because repeatable at leisure) is to

  • open the notepad (notepad.exe)
  • type the following two lines: net stop spooler net start spooler
  • save the file to an easily accessible location (the desktop for example) with “.cmd” as an extension, eg restart_spooler.cmd
  • when the SecurePrint-Color and SecurePrint-BW queues are inaccessible, launch this file with administrative privileges.
  • if it still does not work, type these 3 lines instead of the 2 lines net stop spooler net use \\PrintEPFL1.intranet.epfl.ch\ipc$ /u:intranet\your_username net start spooler

From my computer

See Print page

From a library computer (RLC)

For EPFL students and staff members
1- Open a Windows session
  • write your Gaspar username and password
2- Print
  • select the menu : File -> Print

physical release printing: move to the printers (located after the Teaching Collection and in the science and technology room) and place your Camipro card on the reader to release the job (see instructions for use directly on the copiers)

!!! the Canon iR-ADV C5560 color printer (after the teaching collection) prints by default in color. If you want to print in black and white on this printer, choose SecurePrint-BW. Otherwise, you will be charged the price of the color printing (0.50 CHF / sheet) !!!

1- Open a Windows session

  • write the username and password writtn on the BibGuest card (bibguest1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6)

2- Print

  • select the menu : File -> Print

physical release printing: move to the printers (located after the Teaching Collection and in the science and technology room) and place your Camipro card on the reader to release the job (see instructions for use directly on the copiers)

!!! the Canon iR-ADV C5560 color printer (after the teaching collection) prints by default in color. If you want to print in black and white on this printer, choose SecurePrint-BW. Otherwise, you will be charged the price of the color printing (0.50 CHF / sheet) !!!

3- Pass back the card

  • press the “Log out” key on the printer before returning the card
  • return the card to the counter and pay the printing costs
1- Lancer l’impression
  • cliquer sur File ou Fichier-> Print ou Imprimer
    • pour imprimer un document StarOffice ou Adobe Reader, sélectionner « SecurePrint-Color ou SecurePrint-BW » -> OK
    • pour imprimer depuis Firefox,sélectionner « Print to LPR » -> Print
  • dans la fenêtre « print_auth », taper le nom d’utilisateur mentionné sur la carte (bibguest1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ou 6) ou votre nom d’utilisateur GASPAR-> Enter
2- Imprimer
  • impression à libération physique : se déplacer jusqu’aux imprimantes (situées après la Collection d’enseignement et dans la salle sciences et techniques) et passer la carte Bibguest ou CAMIPRO sur le lecteur pour libérer le job (voir mode d’emploi directement sur les copieurs)

!!! the Canon iR-ADV C5560 color printer (after the teaching collection) prints by default in color. If you want to print in black and white on this printer, choose SecurePrint-BW. Otherwise, you will be charged the price of the color printing (0.50 CHF / sheet) !!!

3- Pass back the card

  • press the “Log out” key on the printer before returning the card
  • return the card to the counter and pay the printing costs

Imprimer un poster A0

Visualiser les travaux d’impression

Vous pouvez visualiser (et supprimer éventuellement) les travaux envoyés à la file sécurisée, en vous connectant à la page de consultation de votre compte myPrint Release Queue Management

Libérer mon document sur un appareil du pool (Canon)

Se déplacer vers un appareil multifonction (nécessite d’avoir installé l’imprimante “SecurePrint”)

  1. Glisser sa carte Camipro sur le lecteur (choisir éventuellement le centre de frais)
  2. Choisir Secure Print sur l’écran tactile
  3. La liste des jobs apparaît, avec le solde
  4. Choisir le job (s’affiche avec le détail et le prix qui correspond à l’impression en couleur) puis Imprimer (Print)NB: si vous souhaitez le réimprimer une seconde fois dans un délai de 1h, choisir “Imprimer & Sauvegarder“; le job sera visible dans la liste des travaux imprimés
  5. Cloturer en sélectionnant le bouton ID , en repassant votre carte Camipro ou en choisissant Logout
Black and White or color?

How much does an impression cost?

The price will be different depending on the format (A4, A3, …) and the type of printing (color or B&W).

B&W Color
A4 only recto 0.06 CHF 0.10 CHF
A4 recto-verso 0.08 CHF ( 4 ct / page) 0.16 CHF ( 8 ct / page)
A3 only recto 0.12 CHF 0.20 CHF
A3 recto-verso 0.20 CHF ( 10 ct / page) 0.36 CHF ( 18 ct / page)

See the “Prices” page for more information.

How to save money?

Some tips:

  • print only what is needed
  • do a one-page test before launching a large number of pages
  • use the recto-verso option
  • print several pages per sheet or use the “booklet” option (billing is done according to the number of “sheets” printed, not pages).
  • print in black and white when the color is not essential; “black & white” price is applied when the user:
    • prints any document on a black & white printer
    • prints a color document on a color printer but specifying the “black & white” option or using a “black and white” profile
    • prints a document in black and white (even if it prints on a color printer). Indeed, the accounting system checks for each page if it has color. Thus, a document of 20 pages of which only one is in color, will be counted as: 19 pages at the “B&W” price and 1 page at the “color” price. WARNING: sometimes, some software misinterprets black and converts it into 4 colors; it is therefore preferable to specify B&W systematically.

Some software such as Adobe Acrobat provides options for printing in grayscale, but these shades of gray are generated by basic color blends. The documents are then seen and invoiced IN COLOR

How to make sure to print at Black / White rates?

The “black / white” tariff is strictly applied when the user:

  • prints a document on a black & white printer
  • prints a document on a color printer using the black & white pool (SecurePrint-BW)

Print a color document but release it in BW

When releasing the job on the MFP, choose the option Black and White

liste des travaux liste des travaux 2

liste des travaux 3

Layout of documents

Print in recto-verso

Start printing and choose the Duplex option

  • on PC
  • on MAC


Print multiple pages per sheet

Print the document by choosing the Multiple pages per sheet option

  • on PC
  • on Mac


Staple my document

Start printing and choose the Staple option

  • on PC
  • on MAC


Punch my document

Print the document using the Punching option

  • on PC
  • on MAC


Print as a booklet

Start printing and choose the Booklet option

  • on PC
  • sur MAC


Print in another format than A4 (A5 or A3, …)

Print the document choosing option Adapter à la taille du papier and choose format A3, or A5,…

  • on PC
  • on MAC


Printing problems

I can not find my pending jobs in the list on the printer interface

  • Verify that you have used a print queue named SecurePrint-Color or SecurePrint-BW (and not another printer, defaults, for example)
  • Repeat the print operation and check to see if there are any error messages on your computer screen
  • Check that your last name and first name appear on the printer (under SecurePrint) and not another name; it is possible that there is a problem with your username (new students whose username has been recycled)
  • Call the ServiceDesk of the VPSI (1234) and correctly describe the symptoms.

My job does not come out

Check the touch screen of the printer; it is possible that an error message or a red light is flashing … In this case, press on Status monitor / Cancel  and follow the instructions : put paper in the side tray for example, or accept the format (A4) or the tray

In the job status, you will see the list of pending jobs; you can check the approximate printing time and detail. In case of error, you can also cancel it by selecting “interrupt

My PDF files do not come out or badly (characters replaced)

  • Check if you have the latest version of Acrobat Reader; indeed, we found that some PDF files did not print with an “old” version of Acrobat Reader: https://get.adobe.com/fr/reader/
  • If this message “offending command” is printed instead of your document, use the “print as image” advanced option  
Using the printer scanner

User identification

It is necessary to identify himself either, by passing his Camipro card on the reader of the printer, or by entering his identifiers (AD login)

The identification has the effect of putting the email address in the fields “sender” (and possibly also the “recipient” when using the option “Send me”) the email sent by the printer. No anonymous use is possible.

Scan a document and send it to yourself by email

  1. On the touch screen of the printer, choose “Scan and Send“.
  2. Choose the scan options (scan size, quality, double-sided, etc.). If necessary, enter the addresses of other recipients (CC or BCC).
  3. Then choose “Send to Myself”
  4. The green button triggers the scanning process and sending the mail.
  5. To close your session, press the ID button or return your card to the reader

Scan a document and copy it to a USB stick

  1. Identify with your Camipro card or AD IDs
  2. Choose “Scan and Store” menu
  3. Insert your USB key into the socket (right side of the device on the color devices) and select it on the screen
  4. Browse folders to find the right directory
  5. Click on “Scan
  6. Enter the file name and choose options (resolution, format, duplex, etc.)
  7. Push the green button
  8. Click on “Start memo”
  9. The scan is done; check that the file is copied to the USB key
  10. Once the job is done, eject the key (= delete) then remove it and disconnect.


In case of problem

I would like to report a printer failure

  • Call 1234 or

It lacks consumables (paper, ink, staples, etc.)

  • multifunction printers (MFPs) managed by myPrint

Call ServiceDesk at 1234 and specify the name of the printer (blue label)

  • multifunction printers (MFPs) managed by units

– for toner, staples, etc.

  • note the serial number displayed on the label on the printer
  • call the control panel (Xerox, Canon or Ricoh, etc.) at the number written on the device
  • specify “order of consumables”
  • specify the exact location of the printer as well as the contact (secretariat, …)

– for paper

order paper from the commissary

  • monfunction printers

notify the printer manager

Badge reader does not react

  • Check with another Camipro card (other student / colleague)
  • Take the card out of your wallet
  • Check that your card works with other services
  • Make sure no message appears on the control screen
  • Start a login using your Gaspar credentials (username / password)
  • If nothing works, call ServiceDesk at 1234

During the night, printers do not always work.

The maintenance of our servers is done at off-peak hours, ie at night; therefore, it is possible that the printers are unavailable for a few minutes between 2am and 3am. On Sundays, maintenance takes place between 2:30 and 5 am.

The local job queue is blocked

Check the printer queue and see if your job is in the list: The Status Tracking / Cancel button allows you to access job statuses.suivi tâches and to the log of tasks already completed journal tâches

  • If the first job blocks the queue, try to delete it
  • If it still does not work, call 1234
  • If a paper is jammed in the printer, call 1234
  • Check the format required for printing; when the paper size or type is not available in the printer, choose a paper tray if the job is not printed and stay in the queue until the correct paper is supplied

I can not find the backslash sign (\\\) on my keyboard

the backslash (\) sign is obtained by using:
  • on mac, simultaneously the following 3 keys: alt + shift + slash or for purists: <AntiOblique> = <option> <upper case> <oblique>
  • on PCs, the Alt key Gr +>

I was wrong printer; can I cancel the job?

On the computer where you started printing, open the “queue” of the printer. Click on your print job and choose “document / delete” (or “document / cancel”). If the job is no longer in the queue, the job can no longer be canceled from the computer. The only possibility you have left is to cancel it from the printer (monofunction) itself but in this case, the job will be counted.

On multifunctions, jobs canceled on the device are not charged. Only the pages actually released physically are.