Release a printing job

Connect to the printer

When a user comes in front of a printer, it wakes up with the help of a proximity sensor.

To log in, all you need to do is

  • to swipe your CAMIPRO card on the reader located just to the left of the screen.
  • or enter your GASPAR identifiers if you have forgotten your card
  • or use your mobile phone after installing the MiCard MultiTech4 BLE Badge application, on Google Play or App Store 
    see the procedure

In case of trouble, try to pull your card out of your wallet. If the problem is persistent, contact the ServiceDesk ([email protected]) to report the issue, and use another printer until the bug fixing.

You can also tilt the screen for a better comfort.

You can log out by pressing the ‘Logout‘ button at the right of the screen. You can also log out by sliding your Camipro card again on the reader.

Release job(s)

Once the user connected, he arrives in the printer main menu. To release a printing job, you have to touch the “Secure Print” option, then the documents list appears. You can select a document by touching it. Clicking on several documents will select them all.

More information is displayed in the documents list, including :

  • the current user’s username, and his/her remaining money
  • the choice between color and black/white
  • the format, the number of pages, and the number of copies to do for a printing job.
  • the price of each printing job.
  • the “Printed jobs” menu lets you see the files you have recently printed by choosing “Print and Save”.

The other buttons at the bottom of the screen allows to select all files, delete the selected files, set the printing options and refresh the list.

To print the selected document(s), you can choose :

  • Print + Delete“: in that case the files are deleted from the pool after they are physically printed.
  • Print + Save” : here the job will be accessible in the “printed jobs” menu during 1 hour. This allows you to print your files again with another printer or other settings.

Printing options (summary)

To change the document format, press the “Options” button on the bottom of the screen. It is also possible to change these options before sending the job to the printer, in the “Property” menu.

Options color (for all MFP Canon printers) :

  • Yellow: current selection
  • Blue: available selection

It is always possible to print several copies of a document, and to print only the selected pages of a document.

On black and white printers, the only available options are “Double sided” (Recto Verso) and its settings (long edge, short edge) Other options are displayed in the menu, but their selection doesn’t affect the printing.

On color printers, other functions (including finishing options) are available. More information at the ‘printing options‘ page. You can also specify ‘black/white’ (it is already the case if you have sent your file to the black/white pool).


GIF tutorial (french)

Print a document located in the printing queue

gif secureprint