Printing options


For printing or copying, the printer allows to staple documents, with the option “Finishing“. You can choose the pages order, and the type of stapling.

If you choose to staple your document, clic on “next” to have access to a second settings screen. Here are different options that you can choose:

“Corner” : To choose in which corner will the staple be

“Double” : To have a stronger binding, and to choose its side

“Astride staple (‘Piqûre à cheval’ in french)” : To staple in the middle of the document, and to make a booklet (beware of the paper type).

“Eco” : To staple without staples ! It saves up metal by attaching the sheets together without using a staple.

You can also staple already printed documents by putting the pages in the oblic gap, then pressing the button which will light to green.

Punching holes

In the “Finishing” menu at the bottom, it is possible to choose to punch 2 or 4 holes on the left side of the document.


When you photocopy or scan an A4 document, it is possible to obtain a booklet made of folded A3 sheets.

Choose “additional options” > “booklet” (on the top left corner on the first screen). It will then be possible to set up the making of the booklet.

ID card

A ID card option is available from the ‘copy’ menu. The printer will guide you through the operation.

You will have to put your card on the window, then press the green button, then turn over the card, then press again the green button. The printer will make an A4 page containing both sides of the card.

List of settings

Please see the french version of this page in order to see a detailed list of available options.