Campus EPFL guest

Which network to choose ?



For Guests and Hosts of EPFL, the short-term visitors on campus, it’s possible to obtain a temporary access to WiFi. This access must be requested from the EPFL contact person. It’s an EnClair access or WPA access.

  • The EnClair access is given on the (SSID) public-epfl network.
  • The WPA access is given on the (SSID) eduroam network.
  • EnClair is intended for short-term visitors on campus and participants of a demonstration.
  • The host sponsor the guest.
  • The host must be accredited with the right Host network access. Create an account with guest management tool for this purpose.
  • Maximum duration of 3 months.

Why use the network (SSID) eduroam rather than public-epfl ?

  1. Once configured, the following connection is established automatically.
  2. The eduroam network is secure unlike public-epfl.

Use EnClair only if you don’t have an EPFL account.

The login GASPAR don’t work for the EnClair service.

Only visitors accounts (username beginning with x- ) are valid with EnClair.

EnClair, doesn’t guarantee the confidentiality of the communication channel. The user therefore takes responsibility for sensitive informations that could disseminate through radio broadcasts.

EPFL Networking Services resources are provided in the hope that the whole campus community will use them in a spirit of mutual cooperation.

It is a specific violation to give account passwords to individuals who are not the owners of such accounts, or to obtain passwords to or use of accounts other than one’s own.

We expect that no one will use hardware, software or services without authorization to do so. Individuals may not extend their use of the facilities described above for any purpose beyond their intended use, nor beyond those activities sanctioned in EPFL policy statements. In particular, no one may use them to engage any action altering the EPFL reputation.

Individuals who violate the aims of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action or to referral to law enforcement authorities.

You must accept this policy to use the network.

Network access settings.

Replace the username gaspar with the username x- that have been given to you.

Open your browser to reach the docking network or click on the following link:

The login page is only visible from the docking network.

Enter your credential that have been given to you by your host.

  • username (the x- format)
  • password

Don’t forget to check I have read and agree the terms and conditions.