myPrint financial account

Everyone (staff member* or student**) who is registered in EPFL is automatically attributed a print account. This account is required in order to use the printers. Guests desiring to use the printers must first create a myPrint guest account Only natural persons can have a print account; no account can be created without the appropriate accreditation.

*staff member
working on behalf of a faculty, college or central services (administrative staff), not external entities
enrolled in the current semester, except for auditors

Quick access: my account

Account balance

see the details of his account; be careful, you have to be on the site, or with the VPN


recharge his account; be careful, you have to be on the site, or with the VPN


Check current rates

The two accounts (myPrint and Camipro)

Your CAMIPRO card carries two purses:

personal purse
= CAMIPRO account: used for payments in cafeterias, shops, vending machines. You can load this purse at CAMIPRO chargers.
print purse
= the myPrint purse, used exclusively for myPrint. Each student gets a certain amount of money (=print allocation) at the beginning of the semester. Once this initial allocation is finished, you can recharge your myPrint purse by transferring money from your CAMIPRO purse, with a web interface.

The money transfer can only be done in one direction: from the Camipro account to the myPrint account (not in the other side)

Allowances, Finances

Printing at EPFL is not free, an accounting software (named Uniflow) records every printing job done with any myPrint printer.

  • Like for an e-banking system, every transaction is reported on the user’s account and details are available from a Web interface.
  • Each print is charged according to the print format (see the price list)


  • A few days before this semester, new EPFL students receive a print allowance on their print account destined to be used for printing purposes. The “old” students receive it approximately 2 to 3 weeks after the beginning of the semester, the time that the accreditation in their semester is updated.. This allowance, usually CHF 24.-., corresponds to 600 BW A4 pages (duplex), and is offered to students enrolled in a semester (not PhD students, doctoral assistants or students in exchange).
  • Students from certain school will received an extra (given by their School)
  • The balance of a printing account is carried from one semester to the next.
  • Amount of allowances can be changed and not considered as a right. The allowance is variable and does not constitute a given right. The semester allocation is not guaranteed and depends on the myPrint Steering Committee
  • Once this amount is exceeded, students receive an email warning, and can go to the reload page to recharge their account. Printing will no longer be possible until the student recharges its account.

Staff members

  • Employees do not receive any allocation. They don’t have to recharge their account; their balance goes from zero and decreases in the course of the printing jobs. From January 2017, the total amount is deduced from the budget of the concerned laboratory or unity and an invoice will be sent to the unity at the end of the quarter.

At the end of studies

Unused credit can be reclaimed up to the amount charged by the user during the academic semester when the account is closed, and at latest 1 month after the closing.So, at most the amount they have paid via the transfer from their Camipro account, and not the allowances paid by the school.

Students can send an email to myPrint.

Then, they will receive a confirmation by e-mail and their myPrint amount will be transferred on their Camipro account.They can recover the full amount, either through AGEPoly or by transfer to a bank account if the amount exceeds CHF 20.-

Here is the data that we would get:

  • Name:
  • First Name:
  • Sciper number:
  • EPFL email address:
  • Username:

I am no longer a student (e) at EPFL and desired to recover the balance of my account myPrint.

I agree that my account be closed from that day