Storage for Research

Researchers need reliable, collaborative, high-capacity and affordable storage solutions to manage their data. In order to provide appropriate solutions that meet the requirements of researchers, RCP offers two storage services:

RCP-NAS : collaborative storage.  This service provides multi-site, snapshotted (ransomware-resistant), multi-protocol (Mac, Linux, Windows) storage for labs, schools, and platforms.

10 PB are currently available in the RCP system.

DELL PowerScale won the public tender and this system is in production in the new Datacenter.
The service description provides more details on this offer.

High-performance storage subsystem.  This service offers a vendor-based (i.e., with support guarantees) storage solution for medium capacity, high-performance solutions. This storage is only accessible from the computing environment to be used as a scratch storage.  

Collaboration and Archive Storage Systems offered at EPFL

Storage Type/SpecificationsNASRCPNAS2023Object Storage (S3)
Offered QuotaNone1 TBNone
Backup serviceNoYesNo
Eligible for confidential Data***
Typical UseActive Research DataActive Administrative dataBackups, Archives, Cold Data – Both administrative and Research
Price27 CHF/TB /year(U1)TBD29 CHF/TB/year