Collaborative Storage – NAS-RCP – Service Description


The RCP NAS is a collaborative storage service for research data. It is based on a centralised solution for file hosting which is accessible through the EPFL IT network, as well as outside via VPN. This service is provided to the research community of EPFL.

  • The stored files are protected by the local redundancy of data, so that the integrity of the data is guaranteed in case of problems on disks or storage nodes.
  • The data are replicated synchronously on a secondary site, to guarantee access in case the primary site is down.
  • The standard service level provides protection against the loss of data by overwriting or deletion, thanks to snapshots data protection and ransomware prevention.
  • In addition to the above measures, access to the data is also guaranteed by redundancy across all the infrastructure components.
  • Access to the data is achieved using standard network protocols.
  • Request for new volume or modification can be sent to [email protected]







Snapshot policy:


Duration of conservation

Once per hour

72 hours

Two per day

14 days

Once per week

8 weeks

Once per month

3 months

Protocols available, with their versions, for each level of service:



v3, v4

v2 or v3

This service is offered to the research community of EPFL.
The U1 pricing is offered in line with the requirements from funding agencies. The price is validated by the centers and platforms COPIL, and details can be consulted on the internal pages. Internal invoices will be issued every year.

Storage space can be requested for a unit, or for a project. In the first case the cost center of the unit will be charged, in the second the invoice will be created based on the project. 

Each unit or project will be assigned a space with a quota. 

Storage is bought in units of 1TB for the current year. As long as the volume is not used up, renewal is automatic for the following year.

Visibility of the space by each unit Manager/PI will be offered – more details to come

Reporting will be available – more details to come

The service may be accessed by any person who can authenticate their identity via AD, and who has access to several volumes, according to the rights defined by the volume administrators. 

This service is provided to all research units within EPFL