Single crystal diffraction (structure solution, structure refinement, data for charge density and ADPs analysis, diffuse scattering, high resolution mapping of reciprocal space)

Powder diffraction (phase identification, Le Bail and Rietveld refinement)

Grazing Incidence Wide Angle Scattering (GIWAX): (epitaxial and polycrystalline films, mapping of reciprocal space, texture analysis)

Coming in 2023: SAXS and GISAXS in combination with all above techniques


Cryocool He Blower: 5-180 K
He Flow Cryostat: 5-300K
Cryostream N2 blower: 80-500K
N2 Heat Blower: 300-900 K
High speed heater: 25-1000C
Gas pressure system: 0 – 40 bars
Hydraulic pressure system: 0 – 1000 bars 
DACs (with ESRF lab) 1-15 GPa
Electric field single crystal and thin film cells, Electrochemical battery cells.

Contacts: CHERNYSHOV Dmitry , DIADKIN Vadim