Physical Chemistry


Laboratory for Ultrafast X-ray Sciences (LUXS)
Prof. Christoph BOSTEDT
Ultrafast x-ray sciences at the intensity and time-resolution frontier. Single shot imaging of nanoscale particles. Charge migration and transfer dynamics. Novel x-ray spectroscopy approaches.

Laboratory of Magnetic Resonance (LRM)
Prof. Lyndon EMSLEY
Spectroscopic methods for molecular and materials sciences

Laboratory of Biophysical Chemistry of Macromolecules (LCBM)
Prof. Beat FIERZ
Investigation of the structure, dynamics and function of chromatin in vitro and in vivo. Development of spectroscopic methods to investigate the dynamics of large macromolecular assemblies. Biophysical chemistry of protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions. Synthetic protein chemistry and protein engineering.

Laboratory for Photonics and Interfaces (LPI)
Prof. Michael GRAETZEL
Semiconductor nanocrystallites and mesoscopic oxide films. Dye sensitized solar cells(DSC) lithium insertion batteries and electrochromic displays. Development of new ionic liquids, which are used as “green” electrolytes in solar cells and other electrochemical devices.

Laboratory of Molecular Nanodynamics (LND)
Prof. Ulrich LORENZ, Dr MER Marcel DRABBELS
Dynamics of nanoscale systems. Time-resolved and Ultrafast Electron Microscopy.

Laboratory of Molecular Physical Chemistry (LCPM)
Prof. Thomas RIZZO, Dr MER Oleg BOYARKIN
Laser spectroscopy of gas phase biological molecules in cold ion traps. Spectroscopy of highly vibrational excited small molecules of atmospheric relevancee. Development and application of new laser-based spectroscopic techniques.

Laboratory of Materials for Renewable Energy (LMER)
Prof. Andreas ZÜTTEL
Ways of storing hydrogen efficiently, and they therefore investigate the interaction between hydrogen and a wide range of materials, such as the surface of metals and insulators, as well as nanostructures and intermetallic compounds.

Group for Gas-Surface Dynamics (GGSD)
Prof. Rainer BECK
Chemical Dynamics at the Gas-Surface Interface. Probing and Controlling Surface Chemistry by Laser Radiation. Quantum State Resolved Surface Reactivity Measurements.

Group Osterwalder (GR-OST)
Production and applications of translationally cold neutral molecules. Development and use of novel techniques.