Sample submission eln guidelines

For the sample submission form, if you don’t have an EPFL login, you should FIRST create a Guest account on the link

Then login with this guest user id and PW on Either use your Gaspar identification.

To create a sample submission form, go to the Home page, click on “Add sample”, enter the name/reference of the sample and submit. Fill the sample description (structure, sequence in Biomolecule…) and save data. Go back to the Home menu, select the sample, click on the proper (orange) request: “peptide Protein Mass request” for a peptidic compound, and “Mass request” for any other organic compound. ICP-MS and ICP-OES requests have also a specific sample submission form, as well as a request for a training on an open-access instrument.  Fill the different information’s needed (amount, toxicity, stability, number of sample, goal of analysis….), create request (mainly check of missing information’s) and print the sample submission form. You can bring the sample submission form to the service (BCH 1522) together with the samples.

In case of any problem for the sample submission process on, you can contact the ELN team ([email protected])