Access and proposal deadlines

1. Discuss your idea with BM01/BM31 staff to learn whether it is feasible and possible to do at BM01/BM31, and how many shifts (1 shift = 8 hours) you may need.

2. There are 2 proposal calls per year (September and March), mind the deadlines..

3. Read instructions here:

4. Find  Guidelines and Templates for “Standard research proposal”

5. Register yourself at ESRF User Portal “SMIS” (

6. Go to Proposals/Experiments -> Proposals, go to “New Proposal” and select
CRG and beamline (SNBL BM01 or SNBL BM31).

7. Fill the “electronic application form” (at least  Mandatory Fields), and save.

8. Download and fill the template for  “Experimental Method Form“ ( and contact BM01/BM31 staff  if you need help with time estimates, experimental details or anything else. Save the file as PDF.

9. Attach the file to your “electronic application form” via the User Portal (tab “Proposals/Experiments -> “Proposals” -> “Proposal in Progress” , select “Manage your Experiment Form”), submit and validate your proposal.