Workshop 2003

20 June 2003, BCH 3118

10h30 Chemistry Cartridge for Oracle in pure Java. Christian Rufener (Actelion, Basel)
11h00 DataWarrior, Actelion’s chemistry aware answer to Spotfire. Thomas Sander (Actelion, Basel)
11h30 Chemical information systems at Agfa. Joachim Maes (Agfa-Gaevaert, Belgium)
12h00-14h00 Lunch
14h00 Avalon – Novartis data warehouse and cheminformatics system. Thomas Mueller (Novartis, Basel)
14h30 Web-based cheminformatics at Novartis. Peter Ertl (Novartis, Basel)
15h00 Coffee break
15h30 Internet tools for calculation of physico-chemical parameters and molecular indices at the VCCLAB.ORG site. Igor Tetko (Institute for Bioinformatics, Neuherberg, Germany)
16h00 Storing and retrieving spectra (NMR, IR, …) and chromatograms in the Jcamp format from a WEB browser. Luc Patiny (EPFL, Lausanne)
16h30-17h00 Round table about the chemical information and shared interests of the attendees.