Our Services and Workflow

We provide a large range of different standard analyses to users of the facility that do not measure on their own. Beyond this a number of more sophisticated experiments are possible that we discuss case by case. If you cannot find the type of measurement or analysis that you are interested in just drop us a message and we will see what we can do.

If you are new to these methods and have little to no experience you may want to have a look at our sample decision tree down below, in order to get some context and orient yourself as to what you may need. This should help you finding the most purposeful method(s) to obtain the desired sample information.


X-ray Diffraction (bulk/surface)

  • Crystal structure determination (single crystals, powder samples if quality sufficient)
  • Publication quality CIF files and article contributions
  • Host-Guest interactions
  • Rietveld refinement
  • Quantitative phase analysis
  • Microstructure analysis (size, strain)
  • Texture analysis (PF, ODF)
  • Sample screening
  • Non-ambient studies (temperature, gas, user-defined)
  • SAXS (preliminary)
  • Surface diffraction (GID, 2D-GIWAXS)
  • Depth profiling (GID)
  • In-plane GID
  • Reflectometry XRR (layer thickness)
  • Synchrotron experiments (advice, support, collaboration)

Surface Analysis

XPS, UPS, Auger:

  • Surface atomic concentration
  • Chemical state analysis
  • Peak model stability tests
  • Band alignement
  • Sputter depth profiling
  • Non destructive profiling (Max. entropy method)
  • Near ambient pressure XPS at up to ~10mbar
  • Sample preparation: heat-cool, sputtering, ESD
  • STM/AFM, vacuum transfer from XPS
  • Scanning Auger Microscopy, spatial  res. ~100nm

Raman and PL spectroscopy:

  • Area mapping: 2D images (fixed Z or following topography)
  • Volume mapping: 3D spectroscopy/images
  • Confocal Raman and PL (Z discrimination)
  • Time series: monitor sample evolution


Workflow – Sample Decision Tree