Workshop 2009

11 September 2009 – Room CH.B3.30

11h00 A new method for virtual screening of very large compound databases, Ruud van Deursen (Bern University)  
11h20 PDB-Gate, ligand based access to the PDB database, Joel Freyss (Actelion, Basel)  
11h40 The jungle of NMR spectra prediction, Luc Patiny (EPFL, Lausanne)  
12h00-14h00 Lunch (offered by  
14h00 Flexophore based Virtual Screening on PubChem, Modest von Korff (Actelion, Basel)  
14h20 The Development of an open source ELN system and its Application in Chemical Research, Felix Rudolphi (Kaiserslautern, Germany)  
14h40 Extracting data from websites, David Portabella (EPFL, Lausanne)  
15h00 Coffee break  
15h40 Online Chemical Database & Modeling Environment, Igor Tetko (Institute for Bioinformatics, Neuherberg, Germany)  
16h00 Paving the way for evolutionary lead finding, Thomas Sander (Actelion, Basel)  
  Aperitif and dinner