Powder diffraction (Structural analysis, high resolution and high intensity measurements, in-situ data collection)

EXAFS and XANES (Valence states and coordination environment, fast and in-situ on multiple edges)

Combined EXAFS and Powder diffraction: (in-situ or operando sequential application of two techniques to monitor structure, stability and performance on the same sample under the same conditions)

Soon: Total scattering/PDF in combination with all above techniques

He Flow Cryostat: 5-300K
Cryostream N2 blower: 80-500K
N2 Heat Blower: 25-900 C
High speed heater: 25-1000C
Gas pressure system: 0 – 40 bars
Gas flow system with a capillary cell
Auxiliary mass-spectrometer, operando battery cells

Contacts: STOIAN Dragos, VAN BEEK Wouter