VOGEL Horst, Hon. Prof. – Research

The LCPPM concentrates on three major research topics:

1. Fundamental studies on the structure and dynamics of membrane proteins
– Membrane-insertion and folding of proteins
– Structure and function of ligand-gated ion channels and G protein-coupled receptors

2. Biophysical chemistry on surfaces

3. Development of new assays to study interaction between biomolecules

All the projects concern interfaces both in a literal sense and in terms of combining different disciplines such as chemistry, physics and biology. The highly multidisciplinary team works on the synthesis of lipids and polypeptides, the chemical modification of surfaces, the isolation and characterization of proteins, the application of recombinant DNA technology, the use of optical spectroscopy and microscopy techniques (FTIR, fluorescence, circular dichroism) combined with molecular dynamics calculations as well as with surface sensitive techniques (surface plasmon resonance, FTIR, fluorescence, integrated optics, Langmuir film balances, scanning probe and Brewster angle microscopies).