Inorganic Chemistry


Laboratory of Organometallic and Medicinal Chemistry (LCOM)
Prof. Paul J. DYSON
Biphasic catalysis in water and ionic liquids. Design of ruthenium anticancer compounds. Transition metal clusters in novel synthesis and catalysis.

Laboratory of Magnetic Resonance (LRM)
Prof. Lyndon EMSLEY
Spectroscopic methods for molecular and materials sciences

Laboratory of Inorganic Synthesis and Catalysis (LSCI)
Prof. Xile HU
Organometallic chemistry, synthetic methodology, asymmetric catalysis, organic synthesis; Energy, electro-catalysis, hydrogen evolution, inorganic materials; Bio-mimetic and bio-speculated coordination chemistry.

Laboratory for Functional Inorganic Materials (LFIM)
Prof. Wendy QUEEN
Design and production of hybrid organic/inorganic materials, storage of small molecular entities and catalysis

Laboratory of Supramolecular Chemistry (LCS)
Supramolecular Chemistry. Organometallic Synthesis and Catalysis. Chemosensors for Biologically Interesting Analytes.

Laboratory of Materials for Renewable Energy (LMER)
Prof. Andreas ZÜTTEL
Ways of storing hydrogen efficiently, and they therefore investigate the interaction between hydrogen and a wide range of materials, such as the surface of metals and insulators, as well as nanostructures and intermetallic compounds.

Group of Coordination Chemistry (GCC)
Prof. Marinella MAZZANTI, Dr MER Anne-Sophie CHAUVIN
Coordination chemistry, organometallic chemistry, Redox active ligands, Lanthanide and uranium chemistry, Small Molecule Activation, Molecular magnetism, Supramolecular chemistry