Open Positions

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Postdoctoral Positions

Position 1: Postdoc position in ultrafast spectroscopy of inorganic complexes (expiration date 01.04.2020)

Position 2: PhD position in computational inorganic chemistry and theoretical spectroscopy (expiration date: 31.03.2020)

   Prof. Christoph Bostedt

Research in designing photoelectrochemical devices for artificial photosynthesis

    Prof. Michael Grätzel

1. Biocatalysis

2. Li ion Battery

3. Anion exchange membrane fuel cell

Prof. Xile Hu

Peptide engineering, phage display and drug development

Prof. Christian HEINIS

Position 1: NMR spectroscopy

Position 2: Computational aspects of NMR spectroscopy

Prof. Lyndon EMSLEY

MachineLearning and quantum chemistry for the condensed phase simulations of chemical reactions and catalytic processes

Prof. Clémence CORMINBOEUF

Position 1: Design of nano delivery systems.

Position 2: Design of nano-delivery systems.

Prof. Wendy QUEEN

Material synthesis and characterization, for catalytic applications


Mass spectrometry/spectroscopy of biomolecules.


Ambizione Energy project

Prof. Berend SMIT

Theoretical Chemical Physics

Prof. Jiri VANICEK

Ph.D Positions

2 PhD positions to work on “f elements and small molecule activation

Prof. Marinella Mazzanti

Designing novel adsorbents for the extraction of contaminates from water

Prof. Wendy QUEEN

1. Energy materials or devices

2. Biocatalysis, Bio-organic, or Protein drug delivery

Prof. Xile Hu

Physical/bioanalytical chemistry

Prof. Thomas RIZZO

Ultrafast x-ray spectroscopy for energy transfer processes in molecules

Single-shot imaging of individual nanoparticles

Prof. Christoph BOSTEDT

NMR crystallography

Prof. Lyndon EMSLEY

PhD Position in Biophysical Chemistry of Chromatin

Prof. Beat FIERZ

Gas-liquid chemistry in crossed beams. Low-energy molecular collisions


Mass spectrometry/spectroscopy of biomolecules


Time-Resolved Electron Microscopy

Prof. Ulrich LORENZ

Molecular metal complexes for the activation of CO2 and related small molecules.

Molecular metal complexes for the activation and functionalization of dinitrogen.

Prof. Marinella MAZZANTI

Photoelectrochemical energy conversion devices

Prof. Kevin SIVULA

Bioengineering and Biochemistry

Prof. Ardemis BOGHOSSIAN

Computational/Theoretical Chemistry

Prof. Clémence CORMINBOEUF

Computational Chemistry


Theoretical Chemical Physics and Bioinformatics

Prof. Jiri VANICEK

Master Projects

1. New Generation of Layered Hybrid Perovskites

2. Synthesis and Investigation of a New Generation of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

Research Project in the group of Prof. Michael Graetzel, under supervision of Dr. Jovana V. Milić

3. Incubating filter technologies

Research project in the group of Prof. Wendy QUEEN / LFIM, under the supervision of Daniel Sun