Prof. Christian Heinis

The main goal of Christian Heinis’ research is the development of therapeutics based on cyclic peptides. Towards this end, his laboratory is developing methods for synthesizing and screening large combinatorial libraries of cyclic peptides.

Christian Heinis has studied biochemistry/chemistry at the ETH Zurich. After a PhD in the research group of Prof. Dr. Dario Neri at ETH, he did two post-docs, the first one with Prof. Dr. Kai Johnsson at the EPFL and the second one with Sir Gregory Winter at the LMB-MRC in Cambridge, UK. In 2008 he started as Assistant Professor at EPFL (supported with an SNSF professorship) and was promoted in 2015 to Associate Professor.

Christian is a co-founder of Bicycle Therapeutics (BCYC) and Orbis Medicines.