PhD position

We have a PhD positions open in the chemistry and engineering of porous 2D materials for membrane separation application. The candidate must be proficient in written and spoken English. The interested candidate should email [email protected] with a CV that includes a detailed educational background, grade, publication record, awards, presentations, and references. The subject of the email should be PhD_position@2dMaterial.

Postdoctoral position

We have a postdoctoral position open on roll-to-roll fabrication of graphene membranes for carbon capture. Check this pdf for details.

We have another postdoctoral position open on membranes based on two-dimensional materials. Check this pdf for details.

Master’s project (PDM)

We have a few Master project available at LAS relating to chemistry and engineering of two-dimensional materials at the angstrom scale.  Send an email to [email protected] with your CV if interested. The subject of the email should be PDM@LAS.

There is a possibility for paid Master’s internship project through ISIC Master Grant. The Institute supports – with 1’600 CHF per month – one exchange Master student per unit for up to 6 months per academic year.

Submission deadlines: