Welcome to the Laboratory of Computational Systems Biotechnology

At the LCSB, we work at the interface of synthetic and systems biology to identify the design principles of biological processes for medical and biotechnological applications.

Our research areas of interest include:

Cellular Networks Kinetic Modelling Novel Biotransformations
The Atlas of Biochemistry
The Atlas of Biochemistry
The Atlas of Biochemistry

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February 7 2024

Our manuscript Rational strain design with minimal phenotype perturbation” by Narayanan et al., recently published in Nature Communications, has been showcased in the recent Editors Highlights for Biotechnology and Methods focus ( Congratulations to Bharath, Daniel, Maria, Misko, and Vassily.

February 2 2024

Congratulations to Asli Sahin for successfully passing their Ph.D. private defense! We look forward to their future work.

January 25 2024

We are pleased to announce that Evangelia Vayena has successfully passed their Ph.D. defense. Congratulations on this significant achievement!