Laboratory of Molecular Nanodynamics LND

Laboratory of Molecular Nanodynamics
Time-resolved and Ultrafast Electron Microscopy – Dynamics of nanoscale systems – Helium Nanodroplets

Welcome to the LND website! We are working with an Ultrafast Electron Microscope to study dynamics at the nanoscale with a particular interest in molecular systems. We are still looking for some talented and motivated people to join our team. Please, take a look around!

Shouts & Murmurs

New Phd member

Micro and Nanotechnologies for integrated systems are part of the latest studies of Gabriele. He obtained his master from Politecnico di Torino, Grenoble INP – Phelma together with EPFL in February 2018. We are pleased to welcome Gabriele in our team !

Post doc coming !

With a strong experience in double-resonance infrared action spectroscopy of isolated  and solvated mass-selected ions, we are please to announce the arrival of Jonathan. He received his PhD from University of Wisconsin-Madison. Welcome !

Summer new PhD student

We are delighted to welcome Chengcheng to our crew ! She just received her master’s from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology where she worked in the field of Magnetoelectric nanocomposites. Welcome aboard !

Photo Christoph Schillai

New PhD student

Christoph caught the fever for doing microscopy early on in his high school days. He went on to study Materials Science in Jena, one of the historic centers of light microcopy, and received his master’s from ETH, working in the field of atomic force microscopy. We are absolutely excited to welcome Christoph to our team!


ERC Starting Grant

We are excited that we have received an ERC Starting Grant. The goal of the project is to visualize the conformational dynamics of proteins using Time-resolved Electron Microscopy. We are looking for new team members to join us in this endeavor!

Photo Pavel

We are growing!

We are excited that Pavel is starting his Ph.D. with us on February 1. He is joining us from St. Petersburg State University. He has a background in ultrafast spectroscopy and has been involved in several projects at DESY. Welcome!

The helium droplet experiment

New members join the lab!

The research group led by Marcel Drabbels joins LND. The research of the group consisting of PhD students Veronica Oliver and Andrew Clark focusses on the spectroscopy and dynamics of nanoscale gas phase systems.

Micrograph of core/shell particles recorded with a pulsed electron beam

First images with pulsed electrons!

We have completed the modification of our Transmission Electron Microscope! The micrograph is one of the first that we recorded with a pulsed electron beam and shows core/shell particles on graphene. We are excited to start time-resolved experiments!