Laboratory of Molecular Nanodynamics LND

Our group uses time-resolved electron microscopy to study dynamics at the nanoscale. We are especially interested in systems whose dynamics have a molecular origin. Please take a look around!

Time-resolved and Ultrafast Electron Microscopy – Dynamics of nanoscale systems – Helium Nanodroplets


Shouts & Murmurs

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Experimental roadmap for microsecond time-resolved cryo-EM

— Our manuscript 'Microsecond Melting and Revitrification of Cryo Samples' has been selected as an Editor's Pick in Structural Dynamics.

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Fragmentation mechanism of gold nanoparticles in water

— Direct observation of Coulomb fission of plasmonic nanoparticles in water

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Making cryo-EM 1000x faster

— Our approach for making cryo-EM 1000x faster has been selected as a Frontiers Article in Chemical Physics Letters.

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New member in LND

— We are thrilled to welcome Nathan as the newest member on our team. He recently completed his Master's degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Minnesota, where he worked to shape laser pulses generated by ultrafast fiber optic lasers. Welcome, Nathan!

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Promotion Marcel Drabbels to Adjunct Professor

— LND is proud that Marcel has been promoted to adjunct professor. Congratulations!

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New approach to high-speed imaging

— Our manuscript 'Atomic-Resolution Imaging of Fast Nanoscale Dynamics With Bright Microsecond Electron Pulses’ has just been published in Nano Letters.

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Two prizes for Constantin Krüger

— We are proud that Constantin received 2 awards at the occasion of his graduation – one for the best Master's thesis and one for the best grades in his year. 

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New LND member

— We are very pleased to welcome Constantin to our group. He is one of our own, having studied chemistry at the EPFL and having worked in our lab previously. Most recently, he completed his Master’s project at ETH where he developed new characterization tools in the field of attosecond spectroscopy.

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Time-resolved transmission electron microscope

— The manuscript entitled “Characterization of a time-resolved electron microscope with a Schottky field emission gun” has been accepted for publication in Structural Dynamics.

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Intense microsecond electron pulses from a Schottky emitter

— The manuscript 'Intense microsecond electron pulses from a Schottky emitter’ has been selected as an editor’s pick on Applied Physics Letters

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