Laboratory of Molecular Nanodynamics LND

Our group uses time-resolved electron microscopy to study dynamics at the nanoscale. We are especially interested in systems whose dynamics have a molecular origin. Please take a look around!

Time-resolved and Ultrafast Electron Microscopy – Dynamics of nanoscale systems – Helium Nanodroplets


Shouts & Murmurs

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Wyatt joins our group as a postdoc

— Having just finished his Ph.D. in the Flannigan lab, he is an expert in time-resolved and ultrafast electron microscopy.

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We are excited to have received the SNSF Consolidator grant

— We are very excited that the SNSF will be supporting our development of Microsecond Time-resolved Cryo-EM with a prestigious Consolidator Grant. We do have several positions available. Please, get in touch, if you are interested in joining our efforts

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We recently had the pleasure of welcoming Sarah !

— We are very pleased to welcome Sarah as the newest postdoc to join the LND group. She recently completed her PhD at the University of Helsinki in Finland, where she studied the structure of tick-borne encephalitis virus and its interaction with cells.

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Simplified approach to time-resolved cryo-electron microscopy

— Just out! We present a new, simplified approach to microsecond time-resolved electron microscopy that we hope will make our technique accessible to a wide range of researchers.

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Another award to Constantin !

— We are proud that Constantin received an award for the best oral presentation in Physical Chemistry at the Swiss Chemical Society Fall Meeting 2022 at University of Zurich.

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We are excited to welcome Zi Xuan to our group !

— Graduating from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, she investigated the ultrafast dynamics of ionised liquid water. Most recently, she completed a research internship at ETH Zürich, where she was working new ultrashort tunable light pulses for the investigation of charge migration. Welcome!

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Subha is joining the goup

— We are happy to welcome the newest member of LND group, Subha. He will be joining us as a postdoctoral researcher. He recently finished his doctoral studies from ESPCI Paris, where he worked on developing cavity based microsensors to detect cancer biomarkers.

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Protein structure in melted and revitrified cryo samples

— Our recent work showing that fast melting and revitrification preserves protein structure has been published.

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LND highlighted by EPFL Center for Imaging

— Our work on microsecond time-resolved cryo-EM has been highlighted by EPFL’s Center for Imaging.

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Finding time zero in ultrafast TEM without an energy filter

— Our approach for accurately determining time zero in ultrafast TEM for instruments that don’t have an energy filter.

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