Laboratory of Molecular Nanodynamics LND

Our group uses time-resolved electron microscopy to study dynamics at the nanoscale. We are especially interested in systems whose dynamics have a molecular origin. Please take a look around!

Time-resolved and Ultrafast Electron Microscopy – Dynamics of nanoscale systems – Helium Nanodroplets


Shouts & Murmurs

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Just out in Nature Communications!

— We show how microsecond time-resolved cryo-EM can be used to observe the fast dynamics of CCMV, a plant virus. Read more here.

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Sarah wins an award at the SCS Fall Meeting 2023!

— We are proud to announce that Sarah received an award for the best oral presentation in Physical Chemistry at the 2023 Swiss Chemical Society Fall Meeting. Congratulations to Sarah!

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New lab member!

— Monique joins us as a postdoc on the time-resolved cryo-EM project after finishing her Ph.D. in structural biology at the University of Zurich. Welcome!

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New group member!

— After completing his Ph.D. at CERN, Michal is joining us as postdoc. He will be driving forward the development of new instrumentation for time-resolved cryo-EM.

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Welcome Jakub: Our Newest Addition to the Laboratory Team!

— Jakub is joining our team as a Ph.D. student. He just graduated from CTU Prague and will be working on microsecond time-resolved cryo-EM. Welcome to the group!

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Nature Comm publishes our recent work studying water in no man's land

— Our paper on exploring the no man’s land of water with electron diffraction has just been published in Nature Communications and has been selected as an Editors’ Highlight.

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Ph.D. thesis completion of Gabriele Bongiovanni

— Congrats to Gabriele who successfully defended his PhD thesis on the development of new methods for microsecond time-resolved observations at near-atomic resolution!

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Wyatt joins our group as a postdoc

— Having just finished his Ph.D. in the Flannigan lab, he is an expert in time-resolved and ultrafast electron microscopy.

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We are excited to have received the SNSF Consolidator grant

— We are very excited that the SNSF will be supporting our development of Microsecond Time-resolved Cryo-EM with a prestigious Consolidator Grant. We do have several positions available. Please, get in touch, if you are interested in joining our efforts

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We recently had the pleasure of welcoming Sarah !

— We are very pleased to welcome Sarah as the newest postdoc to join the LND group. She recently completed her PhD at the University of Helsinki in Finland, where she studied the structure of tick-borne encephalitis virus and its interaction with cells.

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