Group photos


LND outing

The LND group participated in its annual outing. This year, our scientists’ program was to give a quite extraordinary and very colorful presentation in the morning. After lunch at the “Hungry Bear” restaurant in Lausanne, they went to Baumettes in Renens for a very fun escape game.

Looking forward to the next outing!


JOM Journée Oser tous les Métiers

The LND team welcomed for the 2nd time two members at the “Journée Oser tous les Métiers”. Léa who was the last JOM 2021 participant  came back with Timeo, another young student.

The JOM day allows children to discover the professional and academic world. These children have (re)chosen to do the small internship in our laboratory.


Lab visit for high school students from the Go Putney program.


Robin Perroud follows the Euler program at EPFL for reinforced math. He is in his second last year of compulsory school in Geneva and has to do a 3 days observation period in a company. As he likes sciences very much, in particular physics and chemistry, he chose to do this internship with us.


André Fattet, Constantin Krüger and Louis saix went to University of Rouen to prepare our last and longed-for acquisitions: the 2 microscopes (MET).
The 2 microscopes arrived safely thanks to our technicians and scientists and their excellent job.


JOM Journée Oser tous les Métiers

The LND team welcomed a new member at the “Journée Oser tous les Métiers”. One little girl’s had her eyes full of stars ✨


14.05.2020 Work in Quarantine thanks to Zoom #stillnocoronavirus#

15.03.2020 Last experiments before the shutdown #nocoronavirus#

09.03.2020 Team working in the lab


03.07.2019 LND summer activity


18.04.17 LND cleanroom team

27.01.17 LND + LCPM group ski day in Les Crosets

25.01.17 Microscope modification (people left to right: Ulrich Lorenz, Andre Fattet, Tatiana Buriakova, Naoki Tsukamori (JEOL engineer), Pavel Olshin).


01.07.16 Look inside the electron gun