Electronic Workshop – Valais Wallis

As part of your work, you may benefit of our services and experience to build up or to modify an existing equipment at anytime.

Please contact us or make suggestions to your professor. We will always find a solution either by suggesting a purchase, either by building up the equipment ourselves if there is no satisfactory commercial solution.

The mechanical and electronic workshops have been working together for years in solving technical issues. Our experience allows us to act rapidly and to find the best solution. Therefore, do not hesitate to request our services

The Electronic workshop is here to develop and repair devices you might use in your research. As part of our work we are dedicated to developing devices based on microcontroller IC’s, analog and digital devices.

We can also design our own high quality printed circuit boards for your focused applications. We also are in charge of repairing apparatus used in the institute. Feel free to drop by at any time we will be ready to help you with your problems.



Seeking to address fluoride contamination in drinking water, chemical engineers at EPFL have developed a portable and user-friendly device that can measure fluoride concentration accurately and reliably.

Water leak detector

This device is placed in the glove box. It avoids flooding in case of a water hose rupture.
Do not hesitate to contact us to protect your workplace and especially to avoid flooding of your laboratory.


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