Institute for Area and Global Studies

Research and teaching activities taking root in local realities across diverse contexts

The institute’s research and teaching activities take root in local realities across diverse contexts. They contribute to bring forward the socio-cultural, political and economic dimension at EPFL. The Institute’s main objective is to prepare students to professionally engage with in an emerging country, by providing them with tools to better understand non-Western societies and cultures.

The Institute aims to foster co-operation with the different EPFL faculties and to promote scientific exchange within the EPFL community at large.

IAGS consists of a pluridisciplinary team, covering different research fields at the interface between area studies and global studies. IAGS members are specialized on Russia, China and Latin America, while situating their research in the global geopolitical context. They are responsible for the Minor STAS (Science, Technology and Area Studies).

In both its teaching (Minor STAS, semester projects) and research activities the Institute mobilizes a network of international partnerships, both with academic institutions, international organizations and private companies.

Research at IAGS

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An exploration of the socio-political, cultural, economic, and technological dimensions of their emergence at the global level, cross-fertilization of ideas between different disciplines, both within and beyond social sciences