Institute for Area and Global Studies (IAGS)

At the IAGS, we conduct research and run courses that examine the daily challenges faced by local populations in different societies and cultures.

Our Institute studies an array of subjects, including urban anthropology, cultural heritage, historical archives, urban culture and innovation, climate change, engineering education and more. We aim to build awareness of the socio-cultural, political and economic issues related to the technical research performed at EPFL.

When it comes to education, our goal is to prepare students to work professionally in an emerging country by giving them the tools they need to better understand societies and cultures outside the Western world. This includes fostering collaboration and joint research programs with other EPFL schools and the broader EPFL community.

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IAGS research projects

Discover IAGS research projects

The projects developed focus on heritage and cultural policies, creative industries, innovation and technology.

Over the past few years, our research has focused on different geopolitical contexts – in particular those of Russia, China and Latin America. We have built up a cross-disciplinary network of universities, international organizations and businesses that support our research activities and educational programs, including our semester projects and the Minor in Science, Technology, and Area Studies (STAS).

Our Institute has grown rapidly and will soon embark on new forms of world-class cross-disciplinary research and educational programs, all designed to bring together science, cultural heritage and related fields.