Metal powder atomizer

ATO Lab+ is a metal powder production tool based on a novel ultrasonic atomization technology. Its compact size, low media consumption and operating cost make it an ideal choice for research and development facilities. Thanks to its innovative features the ATO Lab+ has the potential to considerably enhance and speed up the development of new materials dedicated to metal 3D printing.

Metal Powder Atomizer AtoLab+
Melting subsystemTIG plasma torch
Current30 to 200 A
Max temperature> 3000°C
Shielding gasArgon
Shielding gas consumption10 to 20 l/min
Oxygen level< 10 ppm, constantly monitored
Ultrasonic atomization35 kHz
Metal typesReactive and non reactive
Wire feeding systemØ up to 2 mm
Single rod feeding systemØ 1 to 10 mm, L110 mm, waste 25 mm
Multipe rod feeding systemØ 4, 6, 8, 10 mm, L1200 mm, waste 170 mm
Throughput0.3 l/h (1 kg /h for 316-L SS)
Yield95% with a stabilized process
Particle sphericity> 0.9
Particle size distribution20-120 μm (D10 <30 μm, D90 <70 μm)