Photonics in Romandy

The French-speaking part of Switzerland, also called Romandy, represents 1/4 of Switzerland’s inhabitants, 1/5 of its territory and is composed of 7 cantons where French is spoken: Geneva, Vaud, Neuchâtel, Jura, Fribourg, Valais and Berne. The main campus of EPFL is in Lausanne with 4 other associated campuses in Sion (Valais), Geneva, Neuchâtel and Fribourg.

EPFL – Alain Herzog

Find photonics-related companies and academic and innovation actors active in the photonics field in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. The links to the broader Swiss network, in particular through the national platform Swissphotonics, are also presented.

Companies Member of Swissphotonics in Romandy

Other Photonics-related Companies in Romandy

1Drop Diagnostics Abionic ACTLIGHT
Add-Y-Pac Advanced Silicon ARCoptix
Artmyn Attolight
Bühler Group
 Candlelight Systems  CREAL 3D  DeepLight SA
 DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions  EarlySight  EM Microelectronic-Marin
 Gamaya  Hydromea  IAR Laser-Mécanique SA
 Indeotec  Innoview  IRIS (industries)
 Leica Microsystems (Suisse)
 Leman Micro Devices   Lemo SA  Luminesys
 Lunaphore Technologies  Mackinac MicroOptics SA  Medlight
 MicroR systems  Nanolive  Nextrom
 Oculight Dynamics  Opto Logic Technology
 Oryl Photonics
 Readily3D  Safran Colibrys
 Samantree Medical
 SCHOTT  Scientific Visual
 STMicroelectronics  Sunrise Luciol
 SwissSource  Tech-Laser
 Valais Perovskite Solar  Visiosafe  Viventis Microscopy 

In green: EPFL startups

Universities and Institutes active in Photonics and Swissphotonics in Romandy

Swissphotonics – What we do


We organise Workshops, Webinars and Lunch Chats every Tuesday at noon. As an association, we naturally also have an annual General Assembly. Networking to discuss technologies and other aspects is a very important part of Swissphotonics which generates ideas, projects and inspiration!


We can help you with project funding, with connecting to European actors through similar organizations at the national or regional levels, with finding the right expert and even with finding a job! We also lobby and advocate for the photonics field in general and for our members.

Distributed Labs

Swissphotonics initiated and supports competence workgroups, so called “Swiss National Photonic Labs”. These Labs combine relevant and interested institutes for a specific topic. They also connect to Photonics21’s work groups.

Become a member of our association Swissphotonics and support our coordinating efforts!