Discover EU and Innosuisse projects related to Photonics granted to EPFL during the H2020 period (2014-2020).

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Two EU projects involve a large fraction of the Photonics labs and are run together with Swissphotonics:

a) PhotonHub Europe involves 10 EPFL professors already but will probably engage several more.

b) CARLA will organise an event on November 17-18, 2022 in collaboration with the Doctoral School in Photonics (EDPO) for all PhD students in Photonics but not only and will welcome students from all over Switzerland.

EU Projects involving several EPFL Labs and beyond

PhotonHub Europe – One-Stop-Shop Open Access to Photonics Innovation Support for a Digital Europe

PhotonHub is the largest EU project in Photonics ever involving 54 partners, 500+ experts throughout Europe. The main goal is to spread photonic technologies and have them uptaken by if possible early adopting SMEs. The project is funding international innovation projects whereas local projects should be funded locally.

CARLA – The European Photonics CAReer LAunch Path

CARLA promotes careers in Photonics through 12 Events in 10 differents countries. Our event at EPFL for students and young researchers from the whole Switzerland will take place on November 17-18, 2022.

1. Collaborative EU Projects






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AD-gut Prof. Radenovic 686271 Bio
A-LEAF Prof. Lingenfelder 732840 Solar
AMPERE Prof. Ballif 745601 PV
Apolo Prof. Nazeeruddin 763989 PV
Be-Smart Prof. Ballif 818009 PV
CHEOPS Prof. Ballif 653296 PV
DiaChemo Prof. Stellacci 633635 Bio
DISC Prof. Ballif 727529 PV
ENLIGHT Prof. Moser 964497 Bio
Espresso Prof. Graetzel 764047 PV
EXTREME-IR Prof. Kis 964735 Nano
FEMTOCHIP Prof. Kippenberg 965124 Nano
FRESCO Prof. Kippenberg 101035029 Nano
GOPV Prof. Ballif 792059 PV
GOTSolar Prof. Graetzel 687008 PV
GrapheneCore1 Prof. Kis 696656 Nano
GrapheneCore2 Prof. Kis 785219 Nano
GrapheneCore3 Prof. Kis 696656 Nano
Highlite Prof. Ballif 857793 PV
HOT Prof. Kippenberg 732894 Nano
LASERLAB-EUROPE Prof. Chergui 871124 Laser
LIGHT-CAP Prof. Stellacci 101017821 Solar
LLR Prof. Rachidi-Haeri 737033 Laser
METHASOL Prof. Graetzel 101022649 Solar
Morphic Prof. Quack 780283 MOEMS
NextBase Prof. Ballif 727523 PV
OPTIMISM Prof. Kippenberg 801352 Nano
PERTPV Prof. Nazeeruddin 763977 PV
PHOENICS Prof. Kippenberg 101017237 Nano
PhotonHub Europe Prof. Bellouard 101016665 ALL
RAIS Prof. Altug 644956 Bio
RE-COGNITION Prof. Ballif 815301 PV
SOLEDLIGHT Prof. Nazeeruddin 643791 OLEDs
SPOTLIGHT Prof. Haussener 101015960 Solar
STAND Prof. Kippenberg 101035022 Nano
SUN2CHEM Prof. Graetzel 884444 Solar
Sun-To-X Profs. Sivula/Haussener 883264 Solar
SuperMaMa Prof. Charbon 860713 Bio
SUPERTWIN Prof. Grandjean 686731 Quant
TeraSlice Prof. Kippenberg 863322 Nano
THOR Profs. Kippenberg/Galland 829067 Nano
ULTRACHIRAL Prof. Altug 737071 Bio
VIPERLAB Prof. Ballif 101006715 PV
WASP Prof. Graetzel 825213 PV


  1. All these projects include technologies combining photons and electronics (sometimes chemistry) but only about 3/4 of them can be really considered as photonics projects.
  2. Two projects in this list are not strictly speaking collaborative projects as they only involve (at least at start) EPFL. These are the projects STAND and FRESCO which are FETOPEN Launchpad  projects aiming at the commercialisation of a particular technology, usually associated with the creation of a spin-off company.
  3. PI EPFL highlighted in green indicate projects coordinated by EPFL.
2. ERC and MSCA Projects

To be completed soon

To be completed soon