Open call for LéXPLORE projects in 2020

Our Call for Seed Projects on LéXPLORE is now open for projects up to 30 kCHF. The deadline to apply is on 11th December 2020.

Detailed information are available on the call description and the application form.

Funding for EPFL projects in 2019

In 2019 through a Call for LéXPLORE Projects, the Limnology Center has selected the following four projects:

  • Kirstin Schirmer: RAINBOWFLOW CHIPONLINE: Fish cell biosensor for automated water quality testing

  • Stéphane Joost, Tamar Kohn and Alcherio Martinoli: Local Adaptation of freshwater bacteria Communites to environmental conditions (LAC)

  • Florian Breider: MicroSed project – Deposition and Accumulation of Microplastics in  Lake Sediment

  • Yves Bellouard: All-glass sensors for DCM algae population monitoring

 These projects are promoting both new technologies on LéXPLORE and collaborations with the other partner institutions. The Limnology Center funded them for a total amount of 175 kCHF.

Funding for seed projects in 2018

In 2018 through a call for seed project, the Limnology Center selected four projects on the primary productivity in large lakes:

  • Fabio Lepori: Software for lake productivity
  • Frank Peeters: Primary productivity of different phytoplankton groups in Lake Constance

  • Bastiaan Ibelings: Stoichiometric bottlenecks in the foodweb of Lake Geneva under impact of reoligotrophication

  • Daniel Odermatt: Whitening detection and optical characterization (w-doc)

These projects are an important addition to our Primary Production Project. The Limnology Center funded them for 172 kCHF.

Funding for seed projects in 2017

In 2017, the LIMNC further supported 6 subprojects within the Life under Ice project for a total of 145 kCHF.

Funding for projects in 2014

The Limnology Center brought together seven subprojects around the Life under Ice project. The Fondation pour l’Etude des Eaux du Léman funded this large multidisciplinary project for 1’300 kCHF.