Lake Onego: life under the ice

Lake Onego, one of the largest European lake

The objective of this project was to investigate under-ice processes in Lake Onego during the ice-covered period:

  • Under-ice convection and modelling
  • Automated underwater vehicles to determine the horizontal structure of convection cells
  • Effect of convective mixing on phytoplankton
  • Efficiency of the trophic level: phyto/zooplankton and microorganisms under the ice
  • Accumulation and release of greenhouse gases
  • History of land-use changes in the catchment area by studying sediment
  • Characterization of the ice cover using remote sensing from satellites and drones
  • Scientific exchanges and joint publications with our Russian partners

This project is a collaboration between different institutions from Switzerland (EPFL, Eawag, UniGE), Russia (NWPI, IL, AARI, NIERSC) and France (INRA-Thonon-les-Bains).

The special edition “Life under ice in Lake Onego (Russia) – an interdisciplinary winter limnology study ” was published in Inland Waters in 2019 (Volume 9, Issue 2).


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The Limnology Center organized seven field expeditions in close collaboration with the Northern Water Problem Institute. Check our blog for our experiences in March and June 2016.