For Start-ups and Students

The IFNC is a ‘soft centre’, its mission is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technologies to industry and society, so as to maximise the positive impact of EPFL’s research.

Start-ups & Students

Collaborate with us

More than 120 startups are based at the EPFL Innovation Park, contributing to the School’s dynamism. EPFL thus offers a unique ecosystem for budding entrepreneurs, from coaching and mentoring programmes, to incubators, accelerators, summer camps and various grants.

We help you navigate the world of research to tap into relevant science and technologies.


Access funding opportunities to support the development of your project.


We provide access to select community events with our network of experts, stakeholders and innovators.


We help you manage complex projects with multiple stakeholders from A to Z.

EPFL Spin-offs related to agri-food technologies

At EPFL, we build and support the companies, people, and technology that will change the way society works for the better. We offer funding, support and passion to EPFL entrepreneurs helping them bring their ideas to market.

Student opportunities

EPFL strives to develop trainings, workshops and programmes adapted to the challenges of our time. You are studying at EPFL and interested in tackling the major challenges associated to food and nutrition? EPFL offers many opportunities to do so!
Master courses

Students can benefit from Master courses. Amongst others, Prof. Blank focuses on the Chemistry of food processes and Prof. Sybesma teaches Food biotechnology. Prof. Fincoeur and Prof. Rezzi offer courses focused on Nutrition and how it affects Health

Research projets

If you are interested in running a specific research project on food and nutrition, the IFNC can help you identify Professors and Laboratories that have the expertise to make it happen. Get in touch with us to find out more!

Entrepreneurial skills

The IFNC gives the students the opportunity to learn by doing and develop their entrepreneurial spirit through cross-disciplinary projects and collaborations with industry. Check out the IFNC members and partners webpage to find out more.

Where we contribute

Sustainable packaging

Bio-based materials
Smart packaging
Engineering & Processing
Sustainability assessment
Consumer behaviours

Precision nutrition – Healthy ageing

Metabolism & nutrition
Sensing & monitoring data
Computational biology
Protein engineering
Digital epidemiology

Food system digitalization

Machine learning & AI
Complex systems simulation
Hyperspectral imaging
Robotics & photonics
Sensors & tracking

Contact us

Natacha Nagornova


Natacha Nagornova
Food and Nutrition strategy coordinator

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+ 41 21 693 83 15

Clara Lerond


Clara Lerond
Project Manager

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