What we are striving for

The mission of the Integrative Food and Nutrition Center (IFNC) is to tackle the major challenges associated to food and nutrition by acting as an interface between EPFL and the outside business actors. To this effect, the IFNC is spanning various domains in order to bring together EPFL’s research expertise and the industry expertise and ensure that the relevant transfer of knowledge and technology will benefit to the society and environment at large.

Thinking out of the box

It is a well-known fact: our current food production and supply chain is not sustainable, neither for the society nor for the environment. In order to address these issues, while taking into account the population increase, we have to find a way to produce more yet better.

The 3 pillars of our mission


Raising awareness and giving students and entrepreneurs the right tools to change the world of tomorrow.


From fundamental research to health sciences, material science, computer science and management, the challenges of food and nutrition are everywhere.


Fostering the development of start-ups and entrepreneurs, and by extension of the entire innovation ecosystem around food and nutrition.

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