IFNC – Integrative Food and Nutrition Center

Innovating together across our food systems

The EPFL Integrative Food and Nutrition Center’s mission is to maximise the positive environmental and societal impact of the science and technologies developed in the school in relation to the food systems. To this end, we act as an interface between EPFL, industry players and other research organisations.

Our food systems have to change

Facing today’s societal and environmental challenges related to food and nutrition means urgently changing our habits and behaviors. While scientific institutions like EPFL have the education and research expertise, as well as the will to foster innovation, it still exists a gap between science and industry. The IFNC aims to bring together these two worlds, in compliance with EPFL’s three main missions: education, research and innovation.

From challenges to opportunities …

Our food systems have to change

Our food systems have to change

Our expertise

By partnering with the IFNC, you benefit from a unique ecosystem of world-class experts and access to over 370 laboratories and research groups on the campus. The IFNC can offer a broad set of capabilities, with a special emphasis in the following fields:
Sustainable packaging

Bio-based materials
Smart packaging
Engineering & Processing
Sustainability assessment
Consumer behaviours

Precision nutrition – Healthy ageing

Metabolism & nutrition
Sensing & monitoring data
Computational biology
Protein engineering
Digital epidemiology

Food system digitalization

Machine learning & AI
Complex systems simulation
Hyperspectral imaging
Robotics & photonics
Sensors & tracking

Our approach

We take a modular and flexible project-based approach, leveraging cross-industry expertise to help our partners solve complex transdisciplinary innovation challenges.

Our approach

Our approach

Our members

Our partners

Build bridges between complementary partners in Switzerland

IFNC is a gateway to the swiss food ecosystem. As a founding member of the Swiss Food and Nutrition Valley, EPFL has privileged links with the major innovation actors of the country.

Our Team

Natacha Nagornova


Natacha Nagornova
Food and Nutrition strategy coordinator

[email protected]
+ 41 21 693 83 15

Clara Lerond


Clara Lerond
Project Manager

[email protected]


IFNC is an interdisciplinary center attached to the EPFL Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs (VPA), Centers and Platforms

Associate Vice President – Anna Fontcuberta i Morral