Civil Engineering Institute – IIC

The Civil Engineering Institute at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne performs research in the core disciplines of Civil Engineering : Geo-engineering, hydraulics and fluids, structures and materials, transport and mobility, buildings and energy systems…

The research conducted in our 19 laboratories and research groups fosters excellence in fundamental and applied research.

We offer exceptional experimental facilities at various scales including the ability to test large-scale structures in our experimental halls.

We have an outstanding academic reputation – Top ten in the world in the latest Shanghai Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2016 – Civil Engineering, we are ranked 2nd in Europe.

By our research domain and our facilities, we encourage a strong link with the practice. The different laboratories and research groups work actively with public and private firms, by, among others, mandates or partnership projects (CTI)

Wth the emergence of the EPFL Valais and EPFL Fribourg (Smart Living Lab) campuses, the Civil Engineering Institute is going through an exciting growth phase.